In which ChatGPT and I invent a fictional language spoken by slime-people
In which I defend the use of Fahrenheit over Celsius, sort of defend inches and feet, and make a halfhearted attempt at explaining why I like cups as a…
From Egyptian Hieroglyphs through the Aramaic, Hebrew, and Arabic alphabets. And my own secret alphabet, just for fun.
A continuation of my ongoing efforts to frustrate and annoy spam texters with the help of the greatest Assyrian monarchs
In which I discuss Reddit engagement statistics, angry moderators, Dunbar's number, and dive headfirst into pseudoscience.
In which I discuss the incredible effort put into making Stargate's Egyptian/Alien thesis historically accurate, and William Shatner exposes the true…
Why do heated woks turn blue? I asked ChatGPT, but it's still not great at physics.
Reinforcement learning and optimality testing by a guest author, blaine141
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Maximum Effort, Minimum Reward